1 Timothy 2 and Women in Leadership: a Reading of the Text

Those who oppose the recognition of women as pastors and elders in the church often suppose that they have the biblical high ground. They accuse those who welcome women into church leadership of denying the literal meaning of the texts, playing fast and loose with scripture. To open church office to women, they argue, underminesContinue reading “1 Timothy 2 and Women in Leadership: a Reading of the Text”


Fall stories are important (fall stories of the theological sort; not stories about the season). They account for what has gone wrong in our world. Perhaps, that’s not quite the right way to put it. “Gone wrong” implies that there was an earlier time when things had not gone wrong. But not all stories accountingContinue reading “WHAT ABOUT THE OTHER FALL STORY IN GENESIS?”


I began this series of posts with the question, “Is Genesis 3 a fall story?” The question can be answered in two ways. The first would be to say, yes, it is a fall story, but not in the usual sense. Better, and what I suggested in the previous post (“Is Genesis 3 a FallContinue reading “WHAT ABOUT PAUL?”


The announcement came electronically, as they do now, in the mail I regularly receive from the denomination. It was a death notice, this one like so many lately, of someone I knew. The announcement said that Carl Kromminga had died at age 96. Carl was my teacher in seminary. He taught Practical Theology, the appliedContinue reading “CARL”

DOES THE BIBLE HAVE A PLOT? A Second Take on a Theme

A bit of clarification is in order. In my previous series, “The Quest for “A Foundation-Laying Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality,” I took aim at a number of assumptions and methods that underlie the approach taken to questions of human sexuality by a synodical study committee in their looooong (175 pages) and controversial report, nowContinue reading “DOES THE BIBLE HAVE A PLOT? A Second Take on a Theme”