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Biblical Reflections from Clay Libolt

The blog is morphing into two streams, perhaps on the way to three. My biblical reflections will remain where they are, but I have renamed the page. It will be called, duh, “Biblical ReflectionsI’ve added a new page I’m calling “Thoughts and Reflections for shorter and perhaps lighter pieces. I’ve posted the first of these, “Poetry and Old Book Stores.” I hope to have more soon. Thanks for reading.



I am a retired pastor living in the Pacific Northwest. Intermittently retired. Since my retirement, I’ve served as interim pastor four times in three churches (one twice) and once as a high school principal. I have launched this website and the accompanying blog because I love the Bible and because I believe what’s best about the Bible is often lost in the theological welter of our age. I bring to this task and to this love not only seminary training (Calvin Theological Seminary) but a Ph.D. in Ancient Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Michigan. You may at first find my approach to the Bible different from the approach you were taught–more literary, more embedded in ancient culture–but press on. There is much to be gained and little to be lost by reading the Bible in this way.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your reflection on Genesis 3. It helps me understand elements of the story that have always puzzled me in typical explanations from my tradition.

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