The Bible and Critical Race Theory

We need historians. Especially now. Especially in traditional liberal arts colleges. Especially in Christianliberal arts colleges. We need historians because History—how to write it, teach it, and think it—is at the center of a current culture war. Often thought to be the dustiest of all academic subjects, History is now determining elections, causing people to behaveContinue reading “The Bible and Critical Race Theory”

1 Timothy 2 and Women in Leadership: a Reading of the Text

Those who oppose the recognition of women as pastors and elders in the church often suppose that they have the biblical high ground. They accuse those who welcome women into church leadership of denying the literal meaning of the texts, playing fast and loose with scripture. To open church office to women, they argue, underminesContinue reading “1 Timothy 2 and Women in Leadership: a Reading of the Text”


I began this series of posts with the question, “Is Genesis 3 a fall story?” The question can be answered in two ways. The first would be to say, yes, it is a fall story, but not in the usual sense. Better, and what I suggested in the previous post (“Is Genesis 3 a FallContinue reading “WHAT ABOUT PAUL?”


This is the third in a series of posts responding to questions put to me by readers of my earlier series of posts I grouped together under the general title, “The Quest for “A Foundation-Laying Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality.” All are available on the website. The questions were broadly about two claims I madeContinue reading “THE CONVERSATION II”


I get mail. I do, although like you a lot of what comes into my email inbox is junk mail, people trying to sell me stuff or, worse, trying to scam me out of my credit card and social security numbers. Or, if I click where they tell me to click,” loading spyware onto myContinue reading “DOES THE BIBLE HAVE A PLOT? II An Introduction”